About Myself

Fabienne Scheu, born 10.09.1981 in Germany

By visiting and living in different community projects and playful experimentation, I learned to feel, let go, love and be happy. I got aware of many of my conditioned behavioral patterns, questioned them, showed myself with them, accepted them in myself and many of the ones, that did not really serve myself, I let go.

Today, most of the time, I feel as happy and relaxed as I could have never imagined. At the same time, I am aware of many more "inner construction places" in myself, to relax even more or live even more happy :-)

Still, I keep widening my "sense of possibilities", most with lots of enthusiasm.

I stay open and keep exploring - if I don't follow my second big passion: to accompany other people on their individual path of exploration.

Magister in Professional Education, Sports Science, Intercultural Communication

Systemic Counselling Junior Professional, ISB-Wiesloch

Conscious Body Training Expressive Living, James Swank

Training in Empathic Body Work in the direction of Orthobionomy

Trainings in Watsu (Water-Shiatsu)

Fitness- and Aerobictrainer B, BSA Akademie

Experiental Education according to Outward Bound - DGEE e.V., Landsberg

Mountain Hiking Guide, DAV

Savety Trainer mobile and stationary Ropes Courses, DAV, Outward Bound

Several years of Professional Experiences as an Experimental Coach, Team-Trainer and guidance of people.


I look forward getting to know you,