Body Time

Exercises around body perception and conscious body training

Body presence, joint mobilisation, posture issues, strength, coordination, flexibility, self-expression. The exact program is determined according to the wishes and needs of the participants. The basic principle is to listen to one's own body, to explore it and not to compare it with others. Pain and tension are understood as signs.

The purpose of conscious body training is to train your body perception, to know and respect your limits and to have a lot of fun while practicing. The training makes it possible to move freely, gracefully and expressively. We regard our body and our voice as an instrument and learn to use it self-confidently, efficiently and creatively.

It is based on principles and exercises developed from theatre education, voice work and expression training. We explore the space of our present abilities with numerous force, balance, stretching and coordination exercises and expand our limits continuously and consciously. We playfully experiment with different movement qualities and possibilities to interact with objects and other people in order to find exciting and fulfilling ways to participate in life.

Notes on training:

First, don't go into pain. If you feel that something is hurtng you, make the movement smaller and more consciously.

  1. Explore your present abilities and do not compare yourself to others.

  2. Practice slowly and continuously and respect your present limits. This allows you to expand your skills consciously and gently.

  3. Take a break if you need it.

  4. Drink enough.

  5. Have fun with the exercises, enjoy your body and be loving with yourself.