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The Island

The island of La Palma is the most westerly of the Canary Islands. Many people experience a "magical energy" on it. There is no mass tourism.


ENCANTALA is a venue for events and seminars around presence, encounter, movement and touch. With Accomodation for up to 22 guests.

Touching Guidance

Fabienne accompanies you holistically, with and without physical contact, depending on your needs, always touching you emotionally.


ENCANTALA means: "love her", in the sense of "love every experience or every moment". By focusing on presence, encounter, movement and touch in the ENCANTALA world of experience, you can continue to nurture your own health, vitality and peace as you are welcome to play, research, pause and enjoy with care, open-mindedness and love, so that you can love each moment even more, no matter what it shows you.


For all participants there are 4 apartments with 1-3 beds, 2 rooms, 2 tent sites and a van parking space available.

We have a lovely garden, a swimming pool and two big roof terraces with an amazing view over the sea, including daily sunsets.

Several sand beaches are just about 8 minutes away by car. Down the street, you find a bus stop.


From the perspective of ENCANTALA founder Fabienne, the basis for health, vitality and peace is a deep, loving connection with one's own body, one's own feelings and the conscious release ofunhealthy patterns, perspectives, conditioning, prejudices, resistances, humiliation, feelings of fear and shame. With all of the ENCANTALA programs, you can take steps in each of these areas and in many different ways.

Shaping health

When you acknowledge, accept and overcome your unresolved inner conflict, you let go of pain, illness, tension and discomfort, physically or emotionally, step by step.

In this sense, ENCANTALA is a place with great potential to help shape health.

Let yourself be inspired by the perfection of the moment and all the experiences you have been given. Experience how you can use them to transform your narrative and enjoy your life even more. Only you can do it. You don't have to do it alone.

Living Vitality

Can you also sense that many people feel dead, trapped in their everyday life or work programme, exhausted, and cut off from their inner glow?

Do you also sometimes feel like that?

ENCANTALA is a place where mindful vitality is desired and supported with a lot of warm-heartedness and openness.

Here you can feel free to be or find out what this means for you and what kind of conditioning is hindering your vitality.

Make Peace

"You never bring about change by fighting the existing. In order to change something, you create new things or go other ways that make the old obsolete." Richard Buckminster Fuller

The outer world is the mirror of our inner world.

Meaning that if I lay down all my inner struggles, humiliation, resistances, doubts, ambiguities, hatred, shame, fear, sarcasm, irony, gloating, cynicism, commonness etc. and love what is, I actively shape peace, one step at a time.

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Encantala means 'love it'.

What would you like to love more in life?