Garden Time

Do you know the feeling of sitting next to a tomato plant and simply feeling and enjoying the moment?

Imagine you feel what the hand to the left feels touching and loving these beautiful field of little flowers..

Have you already experienced how your system relaxes, e. g. when you stand with bare feet in the ground and focus on your connection with the plants?

We have started planting a permaculture garden, an eatable garden with fruit trees, herbs, different kinds of tea and colourful flowers. You can already walk through the garden and eat different kinds of leaves, salads, flowers.

When you come to the perfect time for that, you can eat fruits from the trees, as from the 8 orange and mandarin trees with delicious fruits from the old stock.

In the garden periods you are welcome to accompany Fabienne into the ENCÁNTALA garden. You can simply be and enjoy, practice perceiving your impulses and following them, or let Fabienne inspire you to do whatever there is to be done, or what you can do for your inner balance or process.