ENCÁNTALA group programmes

Participation is also possible in combination with an external accommodation or as a resident.

A description of every offer in the time-table, you can find in the list under the point "Group-programmes".

View from ENCÁNTALA to the sea
View from ENCÁNTALA to the sea
One of the ENCÁNTALA mountain views
One of the ENCÁNTALA mountain views

ENCÁNTALA group programme 1

"Body, Group, Play Area & Pleasure"

290€/week/pers., for two persons: 250€/week/pers., discounts starting from week 3 onwards.

See table for included offers. Single sessions are not included. In the case of vacant appointments, they can be booked on site for an additional €60 per hour.

ENCÁNTALA group programme 2

"Body, Group, Play Area, Touching Guidance & Pleasure"

440€/week/pers. *

See table for included offers. With 2 weekly sessions of 60 min. touching guidance and 2 daily individually arranged touching guidance sequences of 10 min. each by Fabienne.

Only bookable for max. 4 persons per week, because only 8 weekly sessions with Fabienne are available. This program allows you to make a binding reservation for individual sessions. In addition, there is a 10% discount on the sessions.

Information on the organisation of the year-round group programmes:

  • One of the two programmes can be selected each week. Encantala accommodation requires the booking of one of these programmes at the same time as the accommodation is booked. At the time of the Encantala Special Programmes,
  • Depending on the size of the group, the programme can also be booked for evening or day guests and programme visitors without Encantala accommodation. A personal introduction to the overall concept is required before participation.
  • Justified programme changes may occur. These are communicated in the best possible way.
  • Due to individual arrival and departure dates, participation in the weekly programme will be affected accordingly. The indicated program prices are weekly prices. For individual periods you can receive an individual offer by mail.
  • If a constant group is present for several weeks, the offers will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Please note the conditions for deposit and withdrawal.