Group Time

In the 1-2 weekly group times there is room to get to know each other, to show oneself, to express wishes, to clear up misunderstandings or whatever else may be available.

For this we use elements from various Sharing methods. We might also use elements from ZEGG forum work, from co-counselling, from experience-based education and from other communication methods.

Communication in the sense of ENCANTALA

Everything expands and flows when everyone talks about themselves and no matter what shows with their truth, without reproaches, judgments or pointing to others like "you twist everything" or "you are so complicated" or "you speak beautifully". It is not a question of proving someone's "mistake", but of compassionate curiosity about the consequences of one's own behaviour and the reality and descriptions of the other's feelings. At the same time, it's not about bending because of the fears of others. To be loving and whole-heartedly understanding and supporting, absolutely, yes. Holding, staying there, yes, absolutely.

Decisive is the HOW

HOW you communicate your fantasies, desires, needs or even yourself. I would be happy to accompany you: -)

HOW you design your scope of experience. I would be happy to accompany you: -)

HOW you deal with your feelings. I would love to bring you the very self-empowering point of view that ONLY YOU yourself are completely responsible for your feelings, no matter who said or did what.

Have you already experienced how the straightforward, honest, self-accepting and self-responsible way of sharing your whole "previous reality" transforms into a "new and much easier, more joyful reality"?

You can gain this and an unlimited variety of other experiences in the ENCANTALA world of experience.