New Year Flow

28th of December 2018 - 2nd of January 2019

How can you conciously connect yourself with your natural inner flow for the new year? What do you want to invite for yourself and your life in 2019? What are the steps that are needed for that? What is the foundation that you created for that in 2018?

In a creative review of the year 2018, we collect the pearls of the last 12 months. All pearls - as well these, that might still seem hidden behind a layer of mud.

Mindful connected with these inner ressources we calm down, let go of mental ideas, open our heart and listen to our inner voice. What wants to unfold itself in myself and wants to become visible? What core passion warms and motivates myself? What does my heart say?

With support of the group, you can transform the intuitively felt in first practical steps and find reinforcement. It will also be possible to book individual sessions with Esther and Fabienne.

We welcome the new year with celebrating our aliveness - ENCÁNTALA-styled with music, dance, tones, voice and mostly healthy goodies.


In the South-Western part of the Island La Palma, also in December, you will often up to always be able to enjoy beach-weather, sun and blue sky. The "Isla bonita" invites you to relax into the wamth and open your sense in nature. The far view from sunsets over the sea, lets you get wider inside yourself. The earthy-vulcanic power of the island supports you in connecting yourself with your inner fire and your power to manifestate.

On the ENCÁNTALA land you will also find relaxing details as a whirlpool, an outdoor pool and a colorful and partly eatable garten.

COURSE TIMES: from the 28ndth of December 8pm until the 2nd of January 12:00

COSTS: 300 €

Accommodation and meals are not included in this price. In Encántala center you can book various accommodations with an own or a shared kitchen.

You can also participate in the course if you book another accommodation on the Island.

EARLY-BIRD-REBATE if you pay the complete course fee..

...until the 1st of September: 20% less

...until the 1st of November: 10% less

REBATE for booking the Encántala Xmas and New Year Events together: 10% - possible to add to the early-bird-rebate

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