As the ENCÁNTALA world of experience opens on June 1st, 2018, some courses are still in preparation. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you will receive new dates as soon as possible.

In ENCÁNTALA - Center for conscious Events & Relaxation - you can take part in various programmes of events and seminars. During the programme-free weeks, you can come for at least 3 nights, if you book one of the sessions of Fabienne's wide spectrum inbetween relaxation and inner work and if you participate at the group-times during your stay. - Background of these conditions are that ENCÁNTALA is not a regular tourist place, but a center of deeper encounter with yourself, your surrounding and the other people on the ENCÁNTALA land.

In addition to the two ENCÁNTALA group programmes, which run several times per year, there are various ENCÁNTALA special events such as the Swing Dance Weeks with Meike Heller or intervals that focus on hair, head, neck and relaxation.

Not only the 3 weekly evening events during the ENCÁNTALA group programme weeks, but also other individual modules of the regular programmes and special programmes can also be booked for residents or guests of the island who are not accommodated on the ENCÁNTALA site.

Specifically planned are ENCÁNTALA courses on "The Work of Byron Katie", stress reduction, unwinding bodywork, healing touch, family time with childcare and time for young adults.

You are welcome to send us your wishes and suggestions.

The ENCÁNTALA newsletter provides you with new offers and dates as soon as they are ready.