April 5th-17th 2018 and November 14th-30th 2018

With Meike Heller from Berlin. YOU CAN ALSO BOOK SINGLE EVENTS.

When you book accommodation at ENCÁNTALA-Center, feel free when to arrive and when to leave.

Sun, warmth, sea view, sand beaches, palm trees, colorful flowers, sunsets over the sea, island-feeling.

Alltogether with open people and the physical expression of pure joy of life, improvisation, playing with rhythm and with a close connection with your dance partner and your own body.

Enjoy dancing Swing in the company of the experienced Swing-Dance-Teacher Meike Heller and in a paradise-like atmosphere. You can learn or improve dancing Swing. Beside the Lindy Hop classes, you can take part in dance-parties, solo-dance-events and individual dance sessions with Meike. 

As Swing meets the Encántala-World-of-Discovery, part of this programme are also events by the Encántala-founder Fabienne. The focus in the body time, the group time and the sensual group-beach-time is to be curious, light, full of pleasure and in connection with yourself, your body and the others in the group.

Feel free to arrive any date during this period. Hower, if you begin to dance Swing, it would be great if you arrived in the first few days to organize the group well.

We look forward seeing you,

Meike & Fabienne

Package "Beginner & Intermediate": 240€ for 7 days or 35€ each day, including all the events in the orange-yellow week plan, that are not written cursive.

Package "Swing-Dance-Advanced-Learners": 170€ for 7 days, includes participating at the Swing-Dance-Party, the Solo-Dance-Events, 2 individual Dance Sessions with Meike Heller, the sensual beach time, the group times and the body times.

Coming all together at the Encántala-dancing-space, we will check out the amount of leaders and followers with the whole group. We wish you to be flexibel if someone needs to change the preferred role. Who is fix in staying with one role, better subscribes directly with a dance partner of the other role.

Participating in single events without staying in the Encántala-World is possible:

- Try-Out-Evening: 10€ / person, 18€ for dance-partners

- Swing-Dance-Party: 8€ / person, 15€ for dance-partners

- Solo-Dance-Package: 30€ / person

About Swing-Dance-Teacher Meike Heller:

More than 14 years ago I happened to go to a party where people were dancing swing. That was the first time I had experienced it, and now I can't imagine it not being a part of my life. Swing dancing is my greatest passion - and has become my profession for the last 11 years.

Once I had been bitten by the bug, I decided I wanted to learn from the best teachers of that time. So in 2005 I went to Stockholm, where I spent a year taking classes from the Harlem Hot Shots at the Chicago dance studio. It was also during this time that I fell in love with 20s Charleston and Authentic Jazz. For the past ten years I've spent every summer at Herräng Dance Camp in Sweden. This is the world's oldest and biggest swing-dance festival, and it was where I had the honour of being taught by Frankie Manning.

I have been dancing in musicals and shows and also did choreography for shows and movies. Teaching for more than 10 years has been a great pleasure, creating a warm and relaxed athmosphere in my classes is very important for me.

I adore bringing improvisation into my dance and infusing every movement with as much energy and creativity as I can. I am based in Berlin, but travel for working.

Lindy Hop is probably the best-known swing dance of all. This relaxed partner dance emerged in New York in the 1930s and 40s. Initially popular among young black dancers from Harlem, it went on to become established in ballrooms, where big-band swing was the music of choice.

A typical feature of Lindy Hop is the open position, where partners hold each other with just one hand. It sets Lindy apart from other traditional partner dances and creates a great deal of freedom and space for improvisation. In the early years this was truly revolutionary - and to this day it remains one of the things that make Lindy Hop so unique.

Authentic Jazz is individual, unconventional, and takes the word groovy back to its jazz roots. This solo swing dance is performed to the big-band jazz of the 1930s and 40s. Typical Authentic Jazz steps include Fall Off The Log, Suzie Q and Boogies. These all feature in famous jazz routines like the Shim Sham, the Big Apple and the Tranky Doo, which you will often see performed on the social dancefloor. Authentic Jazz is great fun, and learning to dance solo will also help you in your partner dancing. You'll be able pick up new moves much faster and your coordination and musicality will improve.

Meike also likes giving single sessions with a very individual style for the personal development.

Film clips for the anticipation: