Touching Guidance

Fabienne accompanies you holistically, with and without physical contact, depending on your needs, touching you emotionally.

Allow yourself to slow down and relax.

 Feel your body.

Welcome everything.

Allow yourself to say everything.

Allow yourself to feel everything.

Allow yourself to dream.

How does the imagination feel:

"You realized all your dreams?"

Only yourself can do that.

Allow yourself to be accompanied lovingly.

I love to be there for you.


You can come allone or with another person. Depending on the issue, a session with several people might be interesting for you. Fabienne can help you to get clear about that.

Below you can see possible directions for your session. You can as well bring any other topic or one from the list of the play-times. 

  • Relaxation, pain, feeling-well, body-presence

  • individual fitness

  • "What do I want" - To find the inner clearness in yourself. 
  • Re-Nourishing and Inner Child Work

  • Courage-steps, let go of shame and fears and transform them

  • Re-connection with your inner flow

  • Re-create your inner balance, get aware of disbalances, accept and transform them

  • Spoiling of your hair and energetic hair-cutting

  • Body work with elements of orthobionomy, craniosacral therapy, accupressur and classical massage