Xmas Coming Together

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Do you wish for a reflective and relaxing Xmas time in cordial atmosphere on a magical and warm, sunny island?

Esther from wachsein.com and the ENCÁNTALA-founder Fabienne will inspire you with mindfulness practice, body work and experiences in nature. So you can sink from the mind into your body and from doing something into the state of being.

As a result, you can spend these special days with reflective mindfulness instead of any stress in advance of Xmas, with warm sun and sea instead of cold winter climate and with enjoying creative expression instead of physical gifts.

You will find a comfortable balance between individual times for yourself and connecting group times.

  • 4 group-times
  • 1-day-long Nature-Event with sunset at the beach
  • Reflective and sensual beach-time
  • Xmas-dinner close to the sea
  • A secret Santa Event Evening
  • Closeness Evening
  • 2 body-times in the mornings

Click on the following picture for more details about the seminar leader Fabienne.